What is Triphala?

"Triphala is mother of all herbs and widely used in Ayurveda for treating various diseases such as : gastric disorders, constipation, acidity, skin disorders, eye problems, stomach problems etc. It's use is not only limited to these health ailments but also used in many more other treatments. It consists of 3 main herbs Amla, Haritaki & Bibhitaki. It is available in churna / powder, capsules and tablets form."

Triphala uses

"Triphala is anti aging, rejuvenator and used in constipation, stomach disorders, acidity, hair treatment, skin disorders, eye washes mainly."

Triphala Dosage

"Dosage depends on what form of Triphala your are consuming. Generally it is 1-2 capsules or 1 teaspoon with lukewarm water in night."

Triphala side effects

"Triphala is herbal so it does not have any side effect as such, but one should consume good brand triphala only. Divya Triphala churna is very good product."

Triphala flatulence this question feed

Lovely, 25 May 2011 10:34
Can I request information on triphala flatulence ?, I would be thankful to you.
Tags: Flatulence, Triphala
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Triphala capsules

asked by herbal_fan on 4 March 2010 13:52
I have heard that Triphala capsules have lot of health benefits, can any body explain them in detail?... Read More
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Dr.Ravinder Says:- Triphala Capsules quickly helps in digestion & improves appetite. The great herbal formula relieves constipation & clears bowel from toxicity. The product is a great drug for the cases like enlargement of liver and enlargement of spleen. In addition Triphala is useful in several intestinal inflammatory disorders also. Regular intake of this medicine helps maintaining healthy colon as it.. Read more

Ashwagandha and Triphala

asked by samara on 5 April 2013 1:50
Hi My name is Samara im 32 years old . My weight is 95kgs I want to lose weight because I have a problem to get pregnant I have already two miscarriage Im very disappointed Can you please tell me if ashwagandha and Triphala wil help me to lose my weight ? Where can I find it ? Can I take this two products together ? Thanks ... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear guest two miscarriages and over weight problems etc tell that there are severe DOSha imbalance in the body to which alone medicine may not work, you must go for panchkarma treatment like Shodhan,powder massage,herbal enema etc when panchkarma procedure are done properly [ you may need 2-3 courses] then you may take medicine along with it, alone triphala may not very beneficial You can take.. Read more

Triphala fatty liver

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I am obese female.with fatty liver. Will triphala be useful for fatty liver.I have PCO as... Read More
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Dr.Kanika Says:- Hello, Fatty liver or steotosis is the term refered to accumulation of fat in liver cells which is predisposed due to obesity which is a metabolic disorderAyurvedic medicines can reduce body weight which then can cure fatty liver, but exercise should be done along with medicines to increase metabolism of fatAyrvedic recommendations are as follows- 1..Divya triphala guggul- two tablets twice a day with.. Read more

Triphala guggul

asked by herbal_fan on 5 March 2010 13:52
What is Triphala guggul? what is it used for... Read More
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YogaGuru Says:- Triphala Guggul - Best Useful in Joint Pain, Piles and Weight Loss.Also Useful in fistula and.. Read more

Piles & triphala guggul

asked by vid on 13 October 2012 8:43
Hello doctor,i'm 33 yrs old, i'm suffering from external piles. I'm currently taking arshkalp vati & i am applying kasisadi tailam on the piles too after bm. But so far no use. Should i also take triphala guggul or please suggest something for it to shrink & go away. I'll be really thankful for your advice. Thankyou & eagerly expecting your... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Usually, the pile mass would not subside immediately while consuming medicines. It may take time depending up on the individual’s personal care, lifestyle, food habits. If an individual who is suffering from external pile mass or internal pile mass, after consuming medications, the mass may decrease in size or it shrinks and even sometimes, in presence of mass, there would not be any.. Read more

Can i take triphala for hypertension

asked by jasmine20 on 27 March 2013 9:51
hi i am aged 32 yrs...I have my bp as 140/90...and heart rate is 105...Iam not using any medication right now...can i take triphala for reducing bp n heart rate...if so how long should i... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear Triphala is good to have but may not be an alone answer to Bp proble, Yes you can take triphala but along with you may take cardimap which will be highly beneficial for you apart from lowering Blood pressure ,it reduces stress and anxiety Also with it you may do yoga according to yoga vcd for blood pressure, these when practiced properly shall benefit you in a big way BEST OF.. Read more

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